Vacuuming is valueless and hazardous to your health: A wedding toast


Photo Credit: Blair Gable

The thing I liked most about giving toasts at each of my daughters’ weddings was the opportunity to welcome my new sons-in-law to our family. I figured there was probably no better time to help solidify my relationship with them.

It’s so important to me that they feel welcome and loved for their own sake, not just because they are the spouses of my children. I want them to know that we are there not just for our daughters, not just for them as part of a couple, we are there for them as individuals. We will do everything we can to support their hopes and dreams, just as we will for our daughters and son.

And I also know that they will affect the quality of the relationship I have with my children.  I want my kids to know that I love their chosen ones.

One of the nicest wedding speeches I have heard was given by my daughter’ s new mother-in-law when she welcomed her to their family.  Here it is:

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