Trying your best: A report card to remember

When my son was a mere puppy in elementary school he brought home a report card with some A’s, lots of B’s and the occasional C. I looked at it and told him it was fine and exclaimed over some of the A’s. After a few minutes discussion, we put it aside, never to be discussed again.

Or so I thought.

A few days later, he mentioned his report card. “Mom, how do you feel about the B’s and C’s I got?” he asked.

Obviously this had been bothering him.

“They’re fine with me,” I said. “What’s really important is that you try your best. If you get a B, and you tried hard, I’m happy with that. If you get a C and that is the best you can do, that’s more than good enough. What’s important, is not the mark, but that you try your hardest.”

There was a silence. “Do you really mean that?” he asked.

“Yes, I do.”

There was another pause and then:

“That’s what I call a Mother!”

I haven’t forgotten that.  He loved me for accepting him.

Lesson learned … for life.

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My son gave me permission to post this article.  

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