The Huffington Post: Failure to launch

Over at the Huffington Post,there is a report on children who fail to launch. Clinical psychologist Dr. Margaret Rutherford recommends to keep on loving them and set limits where you must.

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Adult children living at home: Can it work?

“No matter why your adult child is living in your home, the good news is that you can make it work.”

That’s the optimistic voice of Christina Newberry in her book “The Hands-on Guide to Surviving Your Adult Child Living at Home”.

Her easily understood 115 page guide is chock-a-block full of good advice on strategies on how to live with your boomerang kid. Although she herself is a young adult, she takes the perspective of the parent.

She based her guide on her own experience of moving back home when she was 21 and then again for a few months at 29.   Read More

Your demise and death: Letting your kids into the tent

By Guest Blogger Kathryn Elliott

nursing home picAs my son sometimes tells me, “We’re the ones who are going to pick out your nursing home.”

My husband and I had two opposite role models to follow about sharing personal information with adult children.

My father, a bank manager, would come home upset some evenings because he was dealing with the widow of a colleague, who had no idea about her husband’s salary, where the money was, and how she should manage.  This was the 1950’s when being a wife and homemaker was a major role for women.

He was determined that my mother and his children would never be in such a position.  He told my mother that since he managed other people’s money, she could run the household finances.

As my parents aged, and my brother and I grew into responsible adults, they were open with us.  My father regularly showed me his filing system and records and my parents talked openly about their wills.

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