Former NHL Player Patrick O’Sullivan suffered from his abusive father


The most heart-rending interview showing how badly parenting can go wrong when parents live vicariously through their children was aired on CBC’s “The Current” yesterday.

Former NHL hockey player Patrick O’Sullivan was emotionally and physically abused at the hands of his father, a would-be hockey player who never fulfilled his dreams.  Patrick O’Sullivan told how his father John would return home late at night after a few drinks, wake up the sleeping boy and force him to exercise for hours to improve his hockey.  He made the young Patrick run home in his hockey gear after practice, no matter what the time or weather. He beat him, kicked him and called him names. Read More

Trying your best: A report card to remember

When my son was a mere puppy in elementary school he brought home a report card with some A’s, lots of B’s and the occasional C. I looked at it and told him it was fine and exclaimed over some of the A’s. After a few minutes discussion, we put it aside, never to be discussed again.

Or so I thought.

A few days later, he mentioned his report card. “Mom, how do you feel about the B’s and C’s I got?” he asked.

Obviously this had been bothering him.

“They’re fine with me,” I said. “What’s really important is that you try your best. If you get a B, and you tried hard, I’m happy with that. If you get a C and that is the best you can do, that’s more than good enough. What’s important, is not the mark, but that you try your hardest.”

There was a silence. “Do you really mean that?” he asked.

“Yes, I do.”

There was another pause and then:

“That’s what I call a Mother!”

I haven’t forgotten that.  He loved me for accepting him.

Lesson learned … for life.

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My son gave me permission to post this article.  

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