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I am a mother of three adult children, two daughters in their early thirties and a son in his mid twenties. I have been married to the father of these children for 38 years. Our joint project has been building a family together and it is through this blog that I hope to discuss and explore my adventures in parenting adult children, as well as provide a forum for all of us who are trying to parent effectively our adult children.

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But here’s a bit more about me:


My background is in journalism, social work and social policy. I have a B.A. in sociology from Bishop’s University, in Lennoxville, Quebec and a Masters of Social Work from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

Work as a Young Adult:

In my wild and woolly youth, I wrote for The Gazette in Montreal and The Ottawa Citizen. I was also the editor of an Ottawa-based community newspaper, the Centretown News. My first job was working for the now defunct Company of Young Canadians when I helped fishermen and coalminers in Cape Breton develop a community organization.

When I was 21, foolishly, I hitchhiked from Cape Breton to Vancouver. It took me a long time to tell my grown children about that one!

Federal Government Experience:

I spent a long time working in social policy for the Canadian federal government. My last job was managing the intercountry adoption unit at Human Resources and Social Development Canada. It was a job I loved.

Work with Children:

Other work relating to children included a three-month assignment with UNICEF in Cambodia where I helped develop the country’s intercountry adoption policy. In addition I spent three months as a volunteer in an orphanage in India helping with everything from obtaining a license for the home to helping the kids with their homework. To understand the highs and lows of that experience, you can see my book at:


Volunteer work has always been important to me. My work includes:

  • participating in babysitting co-ops,
  • helping refugees get established in Canada,
  • teaching Sunday school at the Unitarian Church,
  • counselling prospective adoptive parents, and
  • working with cottager and community associations.

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  1. I look forward to reading more of your blog – I’m at a very different parenting stage, but the stage you are at with your daughters is where I’m at now with my parents (ie: I’m in my 30s) so I look forward to reading a view from that perspective.


  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog highlighting our common points of view. I have four adult children, all married with children of their own. While I am mostly peripheral to their lives now… and I am so proud of all they accomplish…I still feel drawn into the issues I see them facing… financial challenges, layoffs, home insurance issues, domestic violence issues, alcoholism concerns, child abuse, retirement planning… It is hard to balance being a willing source of experience, monetary resources on occasion, grandparent pleasures and responsibilities…with wanting them to find their own answers and build confidence in their own judgements. I will be exploring here to see more of your posts as I’m sure they will bring other issues to mind that will be good to consider in advance.


    • Thanks for your comments Carol. Being a parent of adult children is a huge pleasure and responsibility. Primarily, I want my kids to build confidence and feel they can tackle the issues they face. I love being an “ear” and helping them decide what is best for them. But ultimately only they can know and after all, it is their life.

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