I want to apologize to any readers who may have been looking at my blog recently.

I have not posted because I have been busy chairing a group of people who are helping Syrian refugees come to Canada. Although the group was intially formed by congregants of the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, we have had many people outside the congregation join us to offer their help.

It is a tremendous amount of work.  We have collected enough funds to sponsor three families ourselves, we are helping two families sponsor their relatives who will live with them once they arrive in Canada, and we are helping four small private groups sponsor Syrian refugees by submitting their application to the government for them, managing their funds and providing tax receipts to their donors.

I am sure to those outside the process, it is a simple matter to sponsor refugees.  It is not!

It has been keeping me running! I feel like I am operating a small business. Apart from raising and managing the funds, getting matched with refugee families, submitting applications, finding housing, training volunteers, arranging for written agreements with the four private outside groups, we still have to settle the families once they arrive! Luckily we have a terrifc team of hardworking, dedicated and highly skilled people who take their work very seriously. Occasionally we trip over one another’s feet, but I am overwhelmed by the goodness I see in each of the volunteers.

This is happening all across the country. How amazing and wonderful is that.

I hope I will be back to writing in a few months; I miss it so much.




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  1. How wonderful that you have gotten so involved in this! It really has been amazing to see so many people getting involved in this to help. While I hope to see you writing again soon thank you for what you are doing here.



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