How I coped with my accident-prone young drivers

photo by Michael Carson

photo by Michael Carson

Show me a young adult driver who hasn’t had a car accident and I’ll show a young adult who doesn’t drive.

While this may not be totally true, it is the rare parent who has not had to deal with at least one accident their child has had while driving the family car. I have had literally an embarrassment of riches in this department. Among them, my three children have had eight, count ’em, eight accidents.

The first time my daughter had a car accident, I was at a loss as to what to do.  She had received her license a few weeks before and she wanted to meet a friend so she could study for her final high school exams. A few hours later, we received a call from her telling us she had an accident.  I found out she and her friend were going out for ice cream (which was not part of the agreed upon route) , when she turned a corner quickly and slid off the road, wet from rain, into a yard. She narrowly missed hitting a tree which the police officer told me could have killed her or her friend.

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How to convince your parents that you have your life together

Photo by Blair Gable

Photo by Blair Gable

There is a very funny blog post on 10 things that your single adult son might do to his apartment to convince visitors that he has his life together. One of the suggestions singles out parents, but any of the suggestions would do the trick. But beware, there is some pretty rough language. The favourite word in the post is sh- – not to mention other four letter words.

My friend’s son sent him the post; they are now amusing themselves by figuring out which activities will convince his mom all is well with him.  Very funny to all but mom.

I have five suggestions of my own.  These apply particularly to the 18 to 25 year-old group.

1. Have some food in the fridge.

2. Make sure I don’t trip over beer bottles on my way up the stairs to see your room.

3. Air the place out. Stale beer and B.O., even if it is someone else’s, is not a good combination.

4.  Get your hair cut and keep your beard trimmed.

5. Get your roommates to stand up when I come into the room and shake my hand.

6.  Cook me a dinner and I”ll be totally convinced everything is right in your world.

What signs tell you that your child is managing his or her life well?  I would love to hear from you so please leave a response in the Reply Box below.

Missing in action: kids who fail to communicate

Blog photos message to Andrew

I recently received the following e-mail from a worried friend in Toronto.  She had no contact with her son for 36 hours after the time he was expected to be home:

Andrew is MIA for 24 hours now, went out Friday night, Mike (his Dad) talked to him last evening and Andrew said he’d be home last night.   Hasn’t shown up.  He was supposed to go back to university in Hamilton  today.  Can’t find him – left 2 messages on his cell which went right to voice-mail, sent a text, no reply.  Now I’ve messaged him and his best friend on Facebook…  I’m mean: REALLY!   I know he’s almost 26 and all, but if he’s staying at our place, shouldn’t he let us know where he is, what his plans are?  I am starting to get concerned.


Anxious mom of irresponsible adult child 

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