Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  I am thankful I have lots to be happy about and here is why:

1. My heart sings each time I see one of my three kids.

2. I have two wonderful sons-in-law, who also make my heart sing.

3. All three kids and kids-in-law live in the same city I do.

4. All five are thoughtful and concerned citizens of Canada and the world.

5.  They have a father/ father-in-law who cares about their well-being.

6. I see them regularly, but we don’t sit in each others’ pockets.

7. They still come to me for advice, even if they don’t take it.

8. All of them are the longest blooming flowers I have ever seen.  Watching them change and grow is like magic before my very eyes.

9.  They keep teaching me about the world.

10.  They keep teaching me about myself, especially how much I can love.

Although I am fortunate to have the children I do, I never forget that my situation is a result of a whole lot more than my and my husband’s parenting.  Most of it is a result of good luck and my heart is with those who face serious struggles with their children.

If you have any comments on your Mother’s Day please leave them in the Reply Box below..

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  1. A beautiful post! Happy Mother’s Day! I love #6 – I love the current stage we’re in here – but that sounds nice 🙂


  2. These 10 comments could be mine!
    We had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My 2 daughters are mothers themselves.
    And yes, my heart sings when I spend time with each or all of them, their children and spouses.


  3. Thanks so much for articulating what I often feel (excluding the children in laws- since I don’t have any yet). I especially like your summary paragraph, where you recognize that luck plays a part. I always feel that way when a baby is baptized in our church, such a lucky child – to be born in Canada, to have two parents, sometimes even god parents, to have a warm house to go home to, to have sufficient food and clothes, to have a chance to go to school etc etc. And then I say a prayer for all the babies born into the world that have so little. Yes, we have much to be thankful for this spring.


  4. I used to think that life was 50 per cent good luck and 50 per cent good management. The older I get the more I realize that luck plays such an even bigger factor in how we experience life. So I agree with you, Nancy, we have much to be thankful for.


  5. I really enjoyed your Mother’s Day blog, Trish. Indeed, luck plays a big role.



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