For a tongue-in-cheek look at how mothers are trying to find mates for their adult children, read the New York Times article by  Risa Doherty.  The self deprecating humour is hilarious!

Of course, I never got involved in matchmaking myself. I was above that sort of thing.  A little question here and a small word of encouragement there, was all I ever did. And no-one paid any attention anyway. I resorted to talking to my friends about when and if my children would find a partner.  Now that two are married, the heat is off the third.  At least, for the moment.

Do you think matchmaking is a good idea?  Have you ever tried it and did it work?  Please leave a response in the Reply Box at the bottom of this page.  

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  1. Ahh – years away from this stage of “parenting”. And no – I’ve never found it to work and use to resent when people tried it on me. So I tried hard to never do it to others. I recently introduced two single friends with a very clear “and this isn’t a set up, I just enjoy going for drinks with you both and thought we could drink together.” Not sure they bought it, but it was genuine on my part!



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