Lisa Moore

Mothers, daughters, trust, and desire.

Laughter, poignancy, insight and life long advice.

It’s all there in a 12 minute talk given by Newfoundland author Lisa Moore on The Walrus‘s web site, a Canadian magazine that provides information and analysis on just about any topic.  Moore is the author of “February”, a novel that won the Canada Reads 2013 contest and her works of fiction have been nominated for the Giller and the Man Booker prizes.

It’s delightful and inspiring the way Moore ties her subjects and themes together in one short video. But what’s most interesting is the advice Moore’s mother gave her to solve almost any problem:  “Remember who you are.”  Moore interprets this to mean: “Don’t get side tracked. Stay true to yourself. Imagine what you want to be and then don’t forget what you want.”

It’s good advice for daughters and sons.

Watch the video.  It’s well worth it. You won’t regret your 12 minutes and like me, you may be thinking about your children and yourself and what she said for the next few days.

Is there any special advice that your mother gave you or that you give your adult kids?  I would love to hear from you so please leave your comments in the Reply Box below.   

Lessons Learned
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