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There is a wonderful article in today’s New York Times about the need to let go of your children, whether they’re two or twenty-two.  Michael Christie brings the issue alive by recounting his own experience with letting go, first with his mother and then with his boys, in his article “All Parents are Cowards“.


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  1. A great read – thanks for sharing. We’re just starting the “baby steps” with my kids. My 5-year-old goes to the bathroom by herself at the gym while we’re eating at the café and I realize it’s a big moment. I worry – and she’s fine.

    A few weeks ago she asked to walk home from the corner store. It would have been about a 15 minute walk for her – so long. But she was determined. I told her to stick to the sidewalk and her younger sister and I would be in the car and meet her at the corner if she got tired. I left her at the door of the store walking down the street proudly alone towards home. By the time I got out of the parking lot she’d made it about three buildings down and was ready to be picked up. She wasn’t ready, and I knew she wasn’t, but I’m glad there was a way to let her try a bit by herself and then hop back in the car. Maybe by this summer she’ll make it home on her own!



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