In anticipation of December 1, 2015.

After all attempts to pass the torch have failed miserably

While taking the pulse of the nation, I discovered a strain of subversive thought circulating amongst the granny set, including a few grandpas.  They are already planning a demonstration on Parliament Hill for December 1, 2015 and their main chant goes like this:

What do we want?

Someone else to make Christmas dinner!

When do we want it?


Thank gawd, I have no need to attend. How was your Christmas dinner and have you been able to get help from your kids? I would love to hear how you managed so please leave a comment in the Reply Box below.

Lessons Learned, Off On A Tangent
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  1. We had invited some friends for Christmas dinner ( which we have on Christmas Eve) , so I recruited one son to clean the bathroom, the other to make the salad. Handing over just those two jobs on made me feel more relaxed. Amazing.


  2. Yes – not only down with Christmas dinner but down with Christmas. We have been the hosts of very large Christmases for almost all of our 50 years of marriage. I used to love it and I can do it easily enough after all that experience but it seems I have paid a big price – of not welcoming and enjoying Christmas.


  3. A lot of people feel the same way you do!


  4. My friend Camrose asked me to post this comment she sent in an e-mail:

    “The prospect of a 10-day visit from son, daughter-inlaw and one-year-old from before Christmas until after New Year’s filled me with joyful anticipation — and a wariness about the workload ahead, including the turkey dinner. My book group talked about their concerns in the same vein and we all decided we would assign specific jobs to each visitor and not be martyrs.

    In the event, the couple arrived and immediately announced their desire to prepare several dinners, and Christmas morning breakfast, and to get the ingredients. Then went on to say they had brought recipes with them. They proceeded to clean up promptly after every single meal, make coffee first thing in the morning every day, help with the preparation of every meal, and to be happy and share the baby’s playtime with me. I never said a word about my plan. How is that they got on the wavelength right away??? It was my best Christmas ever!

    Even if they had not plunged in so willingly right away, I would have gone ahead with the assignments. Of course, that plan would have come to nought had they come down with flu. What then? Does anybody have a plan B suggestion for future reference if needed?”


    Lucky You!:



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