Ten things to tell students about coping with rape culture on campus

Taberet Hall Ottawa UParents can’t afford to stand on the side lines of the discussion about sexual assault on Canadian campuses. And with students home for the holidays, now is an ideal time to address the matter with them.

Whether it’s Dalhousie University dentistry students posting misogynist Facebook messages directed at classmates, two University of Ottawa hockey team members charged with sexually assaulting a woman while on a team trip; or frosh week chants at both St. Mary’s University and the University of British Columbia encouraging the rape of underage girls; one thing is certain–rape culture is flourishing across the country.   Read More

The legacy of Christmas dinner 2014

In anticipation of December 1, 2015.

After all attempts to pass the torch have failed miserably

While taking the pulse of the nation, I discovered a strain of subversive thought circulating amongst the granny set, including a few grandpas.  They are already planning a demonstration on Parliament Hill for December 1, 2015 and their main chant goes like this:

What do we want?

Someone else to make Christmas dinner!

When do we want it?


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How I learned to reduce Christmas stress and sleep in my own bed

Christmas tree

The year I moved solo into a nearby hotel on the night of December 23rd to guarantee a good night sleep, was the year I realized that it was time to deal with Christmas stress.

But it didn’t happen quickly. Like many families, it was my kids who pushed me into it as they grew up and moved out.

The year before I chose to sleep at a hotel in desperation, I went to bed on the 23rd at my usual 10:30 bedtime. I was awakened by my husband an hour later when he came to bed, and then three times after that as each of my university aged children crawled in from their respective parties.  The next morning I felt like a wet rag, wondering how I would organize a Christmas Eve party for 22 members of my extended family, clean up, stuff stockings and prepare the turkey for the next day’s feast.  Read More